BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition is coming to Xbox One and PS4

Make coffee in space, rotate the gravity, explore the world inside a black hole and repair your spaceship with nanobots. Also die a lot.

BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition is a hardcore puzzle platformer that revolves around rotating the gravity and avoiding deadly traps. You, the coffee guy, will find yourself inside a black hole after the crash of your spaceship due to strange circumstances.Find your crewmates, fix the spaceship and reveal the dark mystery behind the mission while accompanied by a sarcastic artificial intelligence.

  • Coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One
  • Release date: 8th August 2017

Key features of BLACKHOLE: Complete Edition

  • Over 90 uniquely designed levels in 6 various environments
    The levels can be rotated and contain multiple collectibles, so each level offers several challenges. Explore colorful worlds ranging from deep caverns to a vibrant jungle.
  • A fully voiced sci-fi comedy
    Some of the English voice actors also appeared in Dust: An Elysian Tail, while the Czech version was voiced by famous Czech and Slovak Youtubers – the game characters are actually based on them!
  • Challenge Vault
    Challenge Vault offers a new level each week with global leaderboards. Players can choose to share their replays with others.
  • Captivating soundtrack
    Melodies range from beautiful to mysterious, and you’ll get to hear tribal and ethnic instruments as well as modern electronic synths.