Bouncing Buddies, unleashed a host of bobbing beasties on mobile

JaffaJam unleashed a host of bobbing beasties on an unsuspecting public with the global launch of Bouncing Buddies for iOS and Android. Players must guide their inflated animal pals as they jump through an obstacle course of platforms by moving their thumbs from side to side. Maintaining the rhythm is simple, but this casual arcade game is tough to master as the music speeds up…

Bouncing Buddies is the second game from recently launched hyper-casual developer and publisher JaffaJam utilising its framework BubbleGum, a development toolset for the Unity platform. Soon to be opened up for the use of partnered development teams, BubbleGum is a modular system for integrating common and complex functionality for in-game systems such as procedural-generation, music mixers, localization, character selection and achievements – with an ongoing roadmap to add many more. Combined with cloud services, analytics and a marketing framework, this represents a complete pipeline that frees up developer resources to focus on the creative process.

Bouncing Buddies reintroduces gamers to the same host of loveable animals featured in debut downhill skiing title Mountain Madness, but this time inflated to assist with the new gameplay! Players will be able to unlock their favourite ball-shaped buddies as they take on 64 stylish and challenging levels over 8 varied worlds from medieval castle moats to wild west railroads. Each world introduces fresh challenges to keep the player engaged, such as moving platforms or narrow gates.