Blackjack Buddies hits the App Store globally on December 21st (Video)

Rise Games, a recently formed startup by games industry veterans, announced today that it will launch its debut title Blackjack Buddies on iMessage on 22nd of December. Blackjack Buddies mixes the best parts of the classic card game with a crossword game board. It is a completely new way to play the game of blackjack, head-to-head against your friends in iMessage.
iMessage as a gaming platform provides an amazing opportunity for all developers to reach a massive existing audience and provide players with games that have social interaction at the very core of their design. Playing with friends or family has never been easier and more accessible to such a big player base. Blackjack Buddies is based on a classic card game familiar all around the world, so everyone has knowledge of the basic ruleset of combining cards to make a 21, but the crosswords twist extends the depth of gameplay to make it a game that takes time and practice to master. Each player has a 5-card hand and the ability to swap cards each turn, in search of the perfect blackjack. Players need to plan carefully to hit combos vertically and horizontally to score more points. Building a 21 with more cards or with all the same suit will earn players extra points.

The introduction of games as part of messaging applications will greatly advance the “messaging games” genre, where games need to be designed from the ground up to suit this style of play. “We designed Blackjack Buddies from the very start with asynchronous gameplay in mind. Fundamental to the success of this genre is making each turn a mini-game in itself. Giving players a set of fun choices and the ability to impact the other player.” said Antti Hattara, Game Designer of Blackjack Buddies.
Blackjack Buddies will be available globally as a free download in the App Store and App Store for iMessage on December 22, 2016. The game is compatible for devices on iOS10.0 or above.