Century Siege, PvP card battler on mobiles

Goober Games, in collaboration with Stepico, announced that their ambitious PvP title, ​Century Siege​, has launched​, after spending several months in Soft Launch.

Through this planned progression of  tweaks, optimizations, and feature additions, the dust has officially settled; leaving Century Siege with the ability to stand on its own two feet, with a face all its own. ​Yes​, it has the ‘Elixer’ and ‘Card’ (Summon) mechanics that have become genre-staples; but it also has many tricks up its sleeve that add a much deeper level of Strategy.

Century Siege’s allure from a gameplay standpoint is best highlighted by its elements of:

  • Tower Defense.​ In addition to the traditional ‘Elixer’ mechanic, players also have a Wood Supply​ to manage and grow with the placement of ​LumberJacks​. Players spend this resource on constructing and upgrading Towers that defend their Crystals from enemies.
  • An Offensive Tower class called ‘Spawners’ that create a constant stream of friendly units that travel down the lane to assault the Opponent.
  • Players also choose a ‘General’, each with their own Special Abilities, that will lead the troops in battle. With Abraham Lincoln, lay waste to enemies with a barrage of cannonfire. Or, select Ghenghis Khan and assault the opponent’s Crystals with hordes of Mongolian Archers.
  • Once an Enemy Crystal is destroyed, ‘Rift Creeps’ of the player’s choosing (Minotaurs, Werewolves, Zombies, etc) will begin to rush that lane in a fashion that MOBA fans will be familiar with (they even drop gold!).

These features coalesce into an engaging ‘Tug-of-War’ experience that succeeds in its quest to be different. If that was all that was to be said, it would already be enough to recommend giving Century Siege a shot. But, the personality and the ​World​ that the game creates through its subtexts of Time Travel, Mythology, and historical figures, place Century Siege in a position to be considered one of the most unique ‘Tower Defense’ games released into the Mobile App Market.

Given that the team already has plans for a Single-Player mode or standalone TD game, it is apparent that there is certainly a lot of room for exploration within the world of Century Siege; and we are excited to see which paths this community will travel down. Take a look for yourself, available for free on the Google Play and App Store.