Chicken Invaders® 5 Game Launched for PC, Mac, Linux

InterAction studios announced today the immediate availability of “Cluck of the Dark Side”, the latest episode in its flagship Chicken Invaders® series of games appropriate for all ages. The game puts players at the forefront of a battle against invading intergalactic chickens, bent on revenge against the human race for our oppression of Earth chickens. In this episode, the chickens have hatched a devious plan to block out sunlight and freeze Earth to death. It’s up to the player to travel around the galaxy in order to piece together an ancient artifact and (quite literally) save the day.

The familiar space action has been expanded with up to 200 chickens on-screen simultaneously, and the series’ trademark finger-blistering shooting action is omnipresent. A new feature in this episode is the addition of planetary missions, where the action takes place on weird and wonderful alien worlds. Players will find themselves shooting chickens in the deepest reaches of frozen oceans, along endless caverns lined with precious crystals, and during planet-wide electrical thunderstorms alike. Player customization has been significantly enhanced with the capability of coloring, painting, and decaling every aspect of the player’s spaceship. Replay value has also been extended with the addition of 31 unlockables, ranging from simple space backgrounds to scoring boosters to game-changing add-on rules.

Chicken Invaders® was introduced in 1997, with the game series making its first public appearance in 1999. Since then, it has won over 50 awards and has been downloaded over 170,000,000 times. It has been translated to 9 languages and made available in 154 countries, reaching Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, mobile phones, and retail outlets alike.

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