Color Us, Coloring book game for Android

Avocado Entertainment announced the global release of the coloring book game “Color Us”, available via the Google Play store.

Color Us is a coloring book game for all age groups, using images covering various topics, including animals, movies, and nature, as base sketches on which game users, on their smartphones, can touch and select more than 200 colors from a palette to make drawing easy and fun.

What differentiates it from existing coloring books, is that users can complete their drawings and have their psychological state diagnoses through their works. Also, users can make friends within the game by sharing their drawings, and they can post their drawings on SNS sites, such as Facebook, to show off their work to the world.

The biggest highlight of this game is a weekly drawing contest, in which all users can participate. “Color Us provides a very interesting and exclusive weekly competition system that allows direct fan voting to decide the best drawing.