CotBot Farm, a game for pre-school kids (Video)

Divine Robot, the developer behind award-winning educational title CotBot City today announced the launch of its next interactive learning game Cotbot Farm on iOS and Android. Developed by parents and education specialists, the game gives pre-school children their very own digital farm playmat to explore. Whether it’s riding a tractor, milking a cow or selling produce, Cotbot Farm’s world delivers endless surprises for young minds to learn through play and discovery.

Designed to look like a child’s toy playmat, Cotbot Farm is a freeform exploration game with no rules or limits. Players begin by selecting from some vehicles and animals to ride, including harvesters, tractors, cats, horses and more. Children are then free to roam the farm at their leisure and switch between different vehicles and animals at any time.

Cotbot Farm features a wide variety of locations and sights to captivate and engage inquisitive young minds including farmhouses, sheep pens, and cow stables – all in a colourful 3D world. Players will encounter over a dozen different animals scurrying throughout the farm, including fish, frogs, birds and cows as well as farm workers. The game also features five unique mini-games designed to educate children on the origins of everyday items. Mini-games include feeding cows to produce milk, shearing sheep for wool, fishing and growing fruit and veg as well as giving children the ability to sell the produce that they have created.

CotBot Farm has been designed to ensure that it is as child and parent-friendly as possible with no advertising or in-app purchases. The game also features large icons and bold colours, as well as the choice of accelerometer or touch controls to suit different styles of play.