Désiré: New Point-and-Click Adventure for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android (Video)

With Désiré, indie developer Sylvain Seccia created a poetic, hand-drawn point-and-click adventure available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The award-winning narrative focuses on Désiré, the eponymous protagonist, and takes players on a journey through our modern and profit-obsessed society.

Meet Désiré
Being color-blind by birth, Désiré has a hard time growing up. Getting constantly bullied, pitied or ostracized has left the young boy emotionally scarred. “It’s always night in my head”, he responds when asked about one of his drawings.

Players follow Désiré into an episodic world of black and white. Four chapters with over 40 different characters show intense and often uncomfortable situations throughout his life. Players riddle themselves through more than 50 scenes offering difficult, poetic, controversial but also surprising experiences.

Désiré is available on Steam for $8.99/8,99€ and will be 20% off during Steam Summer Sale