No Dracula! Revamp is a quest-based mobile game (Video)

Pack your bags and set the journey with Dan Hellsing to hunt down Dracula and his allies.

“No Dracula! Revamp” is a quest-based mobile game about Dan Hellsing helping the townsfolk of Romania to hunt down the infamous blood-sucker, Dracula. The game starts with the player entering a world map where only Romania is available to be explored. Players may enter the random stages where different monsters are waiting. A range of Sacred Items need to be collected in order to unlock the “Boss” stage. Upon defeating the first “Boss” whom is the great Dracula, a twist of the story comes in where he will flee from Romania to another country, seeking a hiding place where his allies of monsters from across the world will gather to stop Dan Hellsing from hunting Dracula.

A new country map will be added monthly with stages of ghosts or monsters appearing from that region. Players will need to follow the updated quest and look for the right Sacred Items to defeat the region’s “Boss”. From time to time, Dracula will shows up intermittently and once he is successfully defeated, he will flee from the scene to another country where the player needs to face another group of mythical ghost or monsters from the next region in line on the hiding of Dracula. Apart from the adventurous storyline, monsters in the game will go through evolvement where it will gets harder to be destroyed after each destruction. Players will need to focus on a more precise tapping, or multiple taps on random counts. The destruction-evolving process creates a different gaming experience for each player, enabling a more diversified gameplay.
No Dracula! Revamp is not just another tapping game for you but a ticket to travel across the globe in discovering the existence of mythical beings you might not even know. Are you ready to lend a finger to Dan Hellsing in hunting Dracula? Download No Dracula! Revamp here at Google Play.