Draw a Stickman: AR Launches on iOS

Hitcents has teamed up with Truly Social Games Vancouver to create Draw a Stickman: AR. This latest installment in the epic draw-your-own-hero puzzler franchise brings your hand-drawn hero into the real world using advanced augmented reality technology, the camera on your iPhone or iPad, and your imagination. In the Apple Store as a free download!

The massively popular Draw a Stickman series makes its leap into the real world with Draw a Stickman: AR, thanks to the power of Apple’s ARKit technology. Using your iPhone or iPad’s camera, find a flat surface on a floor or table, and bring the 3D-papercraft world to life. Draw a hero and puzzle through the three-dimensional levels, creatively using your hand-drawn tools and the magical pencils you discover to solve each conundrum. Explore five different story regions constructed right in the middle of your very own living room!

Want even more creative Draw a Stickman goodness? Craft your own AR worlds with the revolutionary new Creative Mode! Search levels in Story Mode to collect over 50 Creative Mode items and use them to create levels limited only by your imagination. Augment your reality today with Draw a Stickman AR!


  • See your own drawings come to life with Augmented Reality!
  • Explore and puzzle solve across 5 different worlds!
  • Use Pencil Powers and Tools to explore each region!
  • Craft your own AR worlds in Creative Mode!
  • Collect Color Buddies, Heart Crystals, and over 50 Creative Mode Items!