Ragnarok Poring Pop, Fast Paced Puzzle Game on Android

Gravity Interactive’s CEO Yoshinori Kitamura has announced the release of the mobile puzzle game Ragnarok Poring Pop on the Google play store.

Ragnarok Poring Pop has utilized an easy play method of popping two or more of the same adjoined blocks by tapping them. The simplicity of the game’s style enables people of all ages to easily access and enjoy the game without difficulty.

Key features of Poring Pop include the iconic Porings that symbolize Ragnarok, and are a core part of the game. Poring Pop also features a leveling system where the more the user levels up, the higher the user scores. When the user reaches a high ranking, they can obtain in-game items every week.

In addition, users can see the ranking list of their country of origin in Poring Pop which will enable future updates with international competition.

Ragnarok Poring Pop has also applied in game item purchases as well as advertisements players may watch in order to obtain premium items. This way all users may enjoy premium items as they play.