Evolution Planet now available for iOS and Android

Most likely, Play Wireless was the most prolific Spanish game creator for J2ME mobile phone games, conventional mobile phones and the so-called feature phones which came before the smartphone generation. From 2004 – 2010 Play Wireless published more than one hundred games for many of these devices, amongst others the Pocket Gamer prize-awarded Alexa and Neenya Ninja sagas and the popular Bubble Boom series. After having focussed on developing games for social networks – for Facebook in particular- for several years, Play Wireless is now back to creating mobile phone games. What’s new is that this game is for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to Evolution Planet, Play Wireless distances itself from its distinguishing efficiency and sets itself as a new goal high efficiency when it comes to creating high-quality products which stand out for their high value of output.

Evolution Planet is a daringly different approach. At first glance, it might seem the title is targeting the broad and casual audience, mainly because of its bright graphical environment and its cartoon-like characters of the kind that makes you go “Aw, how cute!”, all perfectly built into a simple and friendly environment so delightfully suitable for any audience. Nevertheless, the core of the game offers some game dynamics and levels which come to present a real challenge as their intensity increases. Evolution Planet is an accomplished mix of puzzles with some surprising strategic elements. Above all, it’s a game with a growing balanced difficulty that raises the bar bit by bit, thus putting its users to the test. In short, it’s a very entertaining challenge players must overcome by using their intelligence, some astuteness and a little bit of luck in order to survive in this picturesque world.

Evolution Planet takes its users to a world full of lovely creatures facing their greatest adventure: the struggle for survival. Evolution is the strongest weapon Mother Nature provides them with in order to face this fight. However, the theory of evolution you know doesn’t have anything to do with how it is being played in Evolution Planet. Here, being able to adapt, survive, evolve and put into practice the survival of the fittest is all about combining creatures in threes.

By joining three amoebas you will get a jellyfish. Any jellyfish can take on however many amoebas it is surrounded by. Three jellyfish can
turn into a frog. But what if you join three frogs? You will get a fearsome dinosaur! And then… Who knows? The sociable and cheerful world of the Evolution Planet species is always good for a surprise.

With more than 100 levels spread out over 6 islands the players will have to wrack their brains in order to make their way through forests, icy lands, volcanos, deserts and the jungle. Nothing will ever be as easy as it seems, and every step in evolution means taking a risk. And then there are the enemies, the mutant creatures which are always trying to fight for regression.


Fact sheet:
Title: Evolution Planet
Developer and publisher: Play Wireless
Release date: 10 September 2015
Operating systems: iOS and Android
Languages: English, German and Spanish
Official website: www.evolutionplanetgame.com
Evolution Planet Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/evoplanet
Evolution Planet Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EvolutionPlanetGame

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