FallenSouls:Fire War, A Game Makes Your Castle dream Come True

“Fallensouls: Fire War” is a Western fantasy theme SRPG game. Dazzling dazzling PK war, a variety of innovative gameplay for the players with fierce PVP events. Game graphic tends to be aesthetic realism, realistic scenes, brilliant special effects, for the players to show a real magical continent, feel an unprecedented adventure experience!

“Fallensouls: Fire War” tells the story of a thousand years ago, the continent was Duokelande devil Abaddon dominated all continents are Abaddon prey. Until one day, a mysterious light enveloped the entire continent, when that light fade, ruler Abaddon was sealed by a sword. Terran, Orcs, Blood Sword thankful for family, wish it would last forever and eventually the outbreak of another war – the war years.

In “Fallensouls: Fire War”, all players can gather in the main city of Custer Pease, the city with many NPCs and bulletin boards. Players can trade with NPC, to receive the task for reward, if Do you have enough other races glory, you can hire mercenaries from NPC.

In addition to the the main city of Custer Pease, each player has a very own castle, there is the Office of the Interior, there are barracks, Institute of God, we have houses, and warehouses. A variety of buildings in city can offer unique features, such as the level of the internal affairs of the Office determines the level cap building a castle, also played gold, is the core of the castle. The residence serves a population, various barracks can recruit help you combat soldiers, seminaries do research, warehouses put resources!

Long with anger and thunder really reproduce the sky continent, when witch magician spell raging, when Knight’s grudge aspect … three races to compete once again that the only authority, which means the ignition of the war!!