Finger Bricks – an innovative elimination game, on iOS and Android

Global mobile game publisher ZPLAY officially announces that Finger Bricks, an innovative elimination game, is out on iOS and Android all over the world.

Finger Bricks is a creative casual game that encourages you to think. The intense gaming that combines cool music with falling bricks extermination drives you to think in a logical way. Wake up your brain and guide your fingers!

How to Play:

  • Swipe finger and kill bricks
  • Get your fingers fly up and do a rhythmical aerobics

Game Features:

  • A creative casual game
  • Over 100 Levels, with its difficulty escalating gradually
  • Test your logical thinking and finger reactions

Swipe your fingers and kill the same color bricks within a second!

Finger Bricks is a free download on App Store and Google Play