Galaxy Hero Is Available For The Windows Phone

Miracle Games’ Latest Star game “Galaxy Hero” about to land overseas markets, the game “Galaxy Hero” will give you a different gameplay experience, bring a different sense of accomplishment game, so what are you waiting for? Come together and take a look at this game.

On earth in the future, humanity is no longer ruled by the respective countries. At this time, a super-empire opened up the history of mankind’s greatest ambitions, it unifies the Earth. Empire of the first year of a new era began. Just two years, a highly developed technology to enable human beings out of the Milky Way, on other planets began a colonial building, greatly expanded the territory. As more different star field is constantly open up, the more senior the rulers become greedy, along with power, money continues to expand, the empire decadent ruling class side, attend to whitewash it is revealed naked in front of people.

You can search the considerable strength of the players, sending troops to attack and plunder their resources; and you have to worry about being taken away resources, be sure to use the fort to defend their own homes, oh!

The occupation checkpoint major planet star field, destroying enemy fortifications, destroy enemy headquarters, the liberation of the occupied colony of the Imperial Army, will bring huge resources rewards!

In the predatory war of resources, the occupation of the planet, will get a steady stream of resources. At the same time, you have to defend other players to snatch!

Players create their own league and invite your friends to join later, they can send each other mutual resources to help accelerate time to reinforce the army, etc., but also the use of the contribution of point of purchase props.

After the construction of the bar, you can recruit different heroes to assist in the work, tough heroes also can attack and defend, and develop their worn equipment, the power of more powerful!

Tech research capabilities to enhance the military value of property, but also can enhance the skills Valliant! Of course, every research needs to invest a lot of resources and time.

Collect gems from the combat various colors, each 10 can synthesize a random totem, and they can add significant effect both for your business base or fighting.

Friends, you ready? Led the powerful army, the construction of your home, defeated the enemy, which is part of your territory, not to commit!