New game KAMI 2 on the iOS App Store (Video)

State of Play, makers of the BAFTA winning Lumino City and the Apple Design Award winning INKS are delighted to announce the release of their new game KAMI 2 on the iOS App Store this Thursday, 30th March 2017.

The original KAMI was a hit on the App Store, and KAMI 2 is a major leap forward. We’ve been keeping this under wraps so we didn’t spoil any surprises. The game contains some expansive new twists.

As well as over a hundred new puzzles, players can now build their own and share them with the world. A whole community will be built around the players, with their best puzzles curated by us into a new Daily Challenge for everyone to play. Plus you can challenge your friends by sending your puzzle by iMessage.

What’s more, the game is free to play. You can buy hints if you need them, or extra palettes to get creative with, but there are no adverts and no paywalls to stop you. “We’re really excited about it,” says Creative Director Luke Whittaker, “We want this to be the perfect, most beautiful iOS puzzle game, and to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.”