Hangry Bunnies From Mars is available for the HTC Vive

“Hangry Bunnies From Mars”, the first VR title from Studio229, is available today for the HTC Vive, with Oculus Touch launching soon.

You’ve seen plenty of VR games where you take on a few monsters/zombies/robots/space-marines at a time. How about HUNDREDS of them all at once? When it comes to battling hordes in VR, we’ve got you covered. Enter Hangry Bunnies From Mars, the over-the-top shooter that pits you, the chief exterminator (who is definitely an expendable clone) for the Critter Death Squad, straight in the path of hungry+angry extraterrestrials. Fortunately, you have some epic transforming weapons that are perfect for critter extermination.

In Hangry Bunnies From Mars, you’ll take on the fluffy-wuffy armada in this replayable arcade adventure. You’ll suit up using some ridiculous weapons to take on these voracious varmints, all the while enjoying hilarious running commentary from Colin the British engineer and Vlad the Russian tactician. You’ll literally have a blast defending the city of New Los Angeles, all rendered with a vibrant art style in roomscale VR!

Game Highlights:

  • Quick, easy-to-learn arcade gameplay with excellent replayability
  • Take on hundreds of onscreen enemies at once, each with special characteristics
  • Unique transforming weapons with powerful abilities
  • Featuring iconic characters and comedic script written by Hollywood team
  • Dynamic difficulty adjuster makes gameplay fun and challenging regardless of experience
  • “Fluffy Wuffy” mode makes gameplay & content suitable for younger players, while “Really Hangry” mode amps up the difficulty for a bigger challenge

System Requirements:
Minimum spec: Intel Core i5-3570, 8 GB RAM, GTX 970 or Radeon RX470
Recommended spec: Intel Core i5-4590, 8 GB RAM, GTX 1070 or equivalent