Ionic Wars: immersive tower defense experience

Hamburg tower defense action without limits: Xyrality releases its first paid app “Ionic Wars” providing an especially immersive game experience. For developer and publisher Xyrality the tower defense genre is no virgin soil. Although the TD debut “Incoming! Goblins Attack” was published with a free-to-play model, Ionic Wars is — once bought — playable without any limits.

“We were able to collect valuable experience in development and game design of TD games. Thanks to this experience we can provide Ionic Wars with very rounded gameplay which makes a great complete package together with the very special look and the terrific soundtrack”, says Torben-Lennart Böge, Head of Game Design at Xyrality.

The brand-new Ionic Wars captivates its audience by using its unique polygon-based graphic style and matching electrifying soundtrack, which accompanies the player through 40 fast-paced levels. Ionic Wars is available exclusively on the App Store.