Kim’s Lifeline Out on iOS and Android

Avid readers and travel lovers, this is a game specially made for you. The Spanish mobile app development studio Leverage IQ, recently awarded with the Google Play Editors Choice for one of its apps, has created Kim’s Lifeline, a mesmeric travel text adventure in which you have to help Kim survive in an inhabited island. This title is available for iOS and Android devices. It is also published as a short story in Hooked Chat Stories and Tap Chat Stories/Wattpad.

In Kim’s Lifeline choose how you want the story to evolve and try to save Kim from starving to death. Aid the abandoned survivor to get out from that island. Intelligent dialogues will lead you to a way of bringing Kim back home. Discover this daring experience built up in bit-sized text messages and feel as if you were part of the plot.

“We love reading and traveling”, says Lars Gehrmann, CEO at Leverage IQ. “We made this app hoping that thousands of bookworms like us could enjoy their time as they dream in their next holiday.”

Kim’s Lifeline for iOS and Android devices includes live interaction with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is the first time that a chat adventure game integrates real-time social networks accounts as part of the storyline.

The app is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Catalan.