Marshawn Lynch Pro Football for mobiles

Full Fat announced the worldwide release of Marshawn Lynch Pro Football v1.0, a game for iOS and Android.

Exhilarating gameplay and ultra-realistic action, starring NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, in a larger-than-life football arcade game with over the top special effects and stunning console quality graphics.

Hit the field, spin and juke past oncoming defenders, smash through the defense in Beast Mode and take it to the house!

Destroy the defense, watching defenders crash to the ground with physics driven animation.

Work your way through a labyrinth of defenders and obstacles.

Quickly identify gaps in tackle sleds with proximity sensing dummies.

Truck through heavy duty, real-time physics walls.

Maneuver around dummies without taking hits.

Avoid multiple defenders with player-path prediction and tracking.

• Exciting arcade football gameplay
• Ultra high quality graphics
• Advanced physics character animation

Be the M.F.G.O.A.T in mobile football’s greatest of all time. Yes Lawd!

Game Background:

We’ve made a lot of football games, but this one is different.

Working with Marshawn has been a great experience, and after making the light-hearted Blocky Football, we really wanted to make a game that captures the spirit of real football. The toughest best parts, from raw power to personality. We started with the idea of a game show, where football players could be challenged to their limits in physical trials. Added elimination zones to test agility, moving dummies with proximity sensors, breakable walls to smash through, defenders with physics controlled animation and intelligent AI, able to predict the player’s path and make the road to the end zone as difficult as possible.

Like Marshawn, the game is larger than life, and aims to be the best.

It’s just ‘bout that action.

App Details

iOS Device Requirements:
• Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
• iOS 9.0 or later
• 114 MB download size

Android Device Requirements:
• Android mobile devices and tablets
• Android OS 4.4 or later
• 99 MB download size