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Luna Chronicles Now Available Worldwide for iOS and Android Devices (Video)

After a 3-week Prelude phase, Eyedentity Mobile and Cherry Credits commenced the official launch of Luna Chronicles worldwide (excluding Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau).
Luna Chronicles is available in English, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia, with Vietnamese localization forthcoming, and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store

Featuring visually stunning and strategically intense turn-based squad combat, Luna Chronicles allows players to take a more active role in the formation of their elite squad and control of the battlefield, resulting in tactically fierce gameplay in which player skill matters more.

Wrapped around Luna Chronicles’ deep combat system are over 100 exquisitely animated heroes and a multitude of competitive game modes that present a full spectrum of opportunities for players employ their strategic skills. The Arena pits player squads in brutal squad-on-squad combat for top-dog status, while Fortress Siege allows players to field mighty siege weapons alongside their squads to wage total war on their rivals’ fortresses!

Meanwhile, the new Raid mode will feature a mixture of cooperative and competitive gameplay, as players and their friends compete with one another to collectively take down gargantuan screen-filling boss creatures. Players looking to test their mettle in PvE action can engage in Luna Chronicles’ single-player campaign, Destiny Tower, and a gauntlet-style Hell Mode capable of bringing the hardiest warriors to their knees!

Players who dive into Luna Chronicles are in for a variety of exclusive rewards and in-game events. For starters, they can get a Warrior’s Welcome Package, consisting of a rare 4-Star ally, Entry Keys, Gold and Ally Evolvers, by signing up here.

Exclusive in-game opportunities include Level Up Events, New User Attendance Rewards, and the Reward Roulette, all of which grant players gold, entry keys, free ally summons and more.

More About Luna Chronicles
A stolen chalice. Orcs and Goblins on a murderous rampage. A land driven to insanity. All is not well in the once idyllic world of Luna, and it falls upon you to lead an expedition deep into the heart of darkness to assassinate your former brother in arms, Erega. Muster your courage, strengthen your heroes, and sharpen your wits as you face off against the forces of corruption in a grand adventure that will test both your brains and brawn!


Show Your Tactical Genius
• Tactical flexibility means your victories depend on skill and intelligence and not pure luck!

Control the Battle
• Take an active role in your soldiers’ combat tactics! You decide which abilities they use and when.

Formulate Your Battle Plan
• Personalize your squad’s battle formation with the Grid System to counter the enemy’s strategy!

Be the Commander You Want to Be
• Choose your playstyle between Offensive, Defensive and Balanced, and even select from three different auto-battle modes!

Craft Your Army
• A motley crew of knights, kunoichi, Battle Pandas, She-Serpents and more await your command. Level and Enhance them as they evolve into unstoppable combatants!

Experiment and Hybridize
• Fancy yourself a tanking warrior with healing powers? Create your own hybrid classes by using Skill Books to grant your heroes spells and powers well outside their expertise!