Megaquarium, a theme park management game with an aquatic twist (Video)

From the BAFTA Breakthrough Brit creator of Big Pharma comes a new business game for PC.

Megaquarium takes the theme park management genre and gives it an aquatic twist.
“So it’s Roller Coaster Tycoon but with fish?” – You, just now.

Key Gameplay Challenges
· Layout your tanks and equipment to optimise visitor flow while maintaining easy access for staff.
· Discover the varied and demanding care requirements of a veritable ocean of aquatic livestock. Look after them well and they’ll grow, leading to stat increases.
· Hire staff and direct them efficiently to maximise their specific skill sets. Pay attention to their personality traits and be careful not to upset them or they might leave.
· Synergise your livestock and decoration choices to maximise your income.
· Use your resources to unlock new equipment as well as new species of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life.
· Avoid dangerous confrontations between your animals by selecting tank mates carefully.
· After exploring all the fish available from the livestock merchant, it’s time to start breeding your best specimens together to create brand new species!