“Mobilmo”, a Free Game App to Empower Children to Experience the Craft of Making Things

Toyota Motor Corporation today announced the global launch of Mobilmo, a mobile app that empowers children to exercise creativity through the craft of making things. Toyota and teamLab partnered to create an app in which children are able to experience infinite joy from engaging in the following three key elements: “Move” (moving things), “Build” (freely creating things), and “More” (making more friends). These key elements are the basis for the name “Mobilmo.” This app will allow children from all over the world to connect with their dreams and help them find joy in the craft of future manufacturing.

1. What is Mobilmo?
Mobilmo is an app available for download on smartphones and tablets that allows children around the world to create their own Mobilmo (3D contraptions) to explore the virtual planet of Cosmobi.

2. What makes Mobilmo fun?
● Create Mobilmo of various shapes however you like.
Choose from a variety of 3D parts to create your very own Mobilmo.
● Add your favorite movements to your Mobilmo.
You can program your Mobilmo to remember unique movements that you create.
● Team up with others to co-create Mobilmo.
Exchange parts with other Mobilmo that you may encounter while exploring the virtual planet of Cosmobi to build up your own original Mobilmo.

3. How to play Mobilmo
With over 100 3D parts to choose from, Mobilmo is a new foray into the craft of the future of manufacturing. You can make your Mobilmo cool, cute, and even strange looking – your own original creation.

Add your favorite movement to your Mobilmo, and your Mobilmo will remember it. Do you want your Mobilmo to run? To fly? To dance? It is easy to add any kind of movement with the touch of your finger to your Mobilmo.

After you create and add movement to your Mobilmo, you are free to explore the vast expanses of the giant planet of Cosmobi. Once your Mobilmo leaves a footprint (footprint = uploading your original Mobilmo) on Cosmobi, your Mobilmo becomes visible to other players on Cosmobi.

●Meet and Clone Parts
Once you meet other Mobilmo created by other players on Cosmobi, you can exchange parts with other Mobilmo friends. Explore various places with your Mobilmo, and connect with other Mobilmo players from around the world.

Mobilmo has lots of other cool features.

●Mini Games
Using your Mobilmo you can compete in mini games such as “Time Attack” and “Banana Jump” and boost your ranking.

●9 Worlds of Wonder
The nine worlds of wonder feature areas including a penguin-shaped mountain and the sparkling cave area. You can adjust your Mobilmo to fit the characteristics of each area and enjoy the game even more.
Collect emblems as your Mobilmo gains popularity among other players or if you win mini games.

See how parts from your Mobilmo are used by other players.

●Auto Pilot
Set your Mobilmo to auto pilot mode and traverse the virtual planet of Cosmobi with ease.

Interacting with other users gets you “experience points” and allows you to level up your rank.

●Mobilmo Radar
Use the in-app radar feature to find new arrivals and popular Mobilmo. Be sure to “like” your favorite Mobilmo.

Two creation modes for beginners and advanced users

●Mobilmo Creation Mode (Beginner)
You can select and combine “action” and “normal” parts to create your Mobilmo.

●Action Parts Creation Mode (Advanced)
You can select and program your original movements to “normal” parts to create “action” parts.

Once you are able to master the Action Parts Creation Mode, your Mobilmo can move even more freely.

Mobilmo Details
Title: Mobilmo
Date of distribution: July 14, 2017
Cost: Free of charge
iOS: Available
Android: Coming soon