Nebula Online Leaves Early Access Today, 3 November 2016 (Video)

Kiss Ltd is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated massively multiplayer game ‘Nebula Online’ leaves Early Access and moves to a full release today, Thursday 3 November 2016.

Nebula Online is a space based Massive Multiplayer Online Game which can be played across multiple platforms (iOS and Google Play, with Xbox One launching soon).

“Kiss Ltd has an excellent track record of helping independent studios take their games through the Early Access program and on to a full launch” commented Darryl Still, CEO Kiss Ltd. “The 4 man team at Mizar Games have done an excellent job bringing Nebula Online to a full release and along with them, we would like to thank the Early Access community for their help and support”.

Set within a 3 race populated galaxy, players face a conflict for universal domination. Explore the universe to find resource fields, abandoned stations and habitable planets. Be aware of your enemies who are out to challenge your power and make sure you are fully armed to beat their armies.

Create alliances and collect troops of like-minded soldiers and lead them to an overwhelming victory in your quest to conquer the universe!

Key game features:
3 solar system types
Real time PvP battles
Choose between 3 different races: Humans, Borguzands and Kriptizids
Design you own space ships and space stations
Control your economy
Explore an infinite universe
Vote for your leaders
Occupy foreign territory
Cross-platform gameplay
27 Steam Achievements
Steam Trading Cards
Steam Cloud