Newsmeister’s Daily 8 News Quiz is a free, short, daily news quiz

Newsmeister announced the second generation of its #1 Daily News Trivia App.  Showing the door to boring, outdated trivia questions for which you need an encyclopedia to answer, Newsmeister delivers only the latest trending news questions from around the world.

Newsmeister’s Daily 8 News Quiz is a free, short, daily news quiz that takes less than 3 minutes to play, and offers news junkies worldwide a chance to outscore their friends.  Questions focus on trending global news, covering categories such as Sports, Business, Politics, Technology, Entertainment, Science, and Literature.

Since Newsmeister’s initial launch in 2015, the app has delivered over 15,000 daily news questions and has been receiving rave reviews from its users and the media:

“It’s a great, new way to brush up on the day’s headlines and keep yourself informed.” writes Digital Trends.

Dyinghardhere  says “Keeps you sharp, and prods one to pay attention”.

M209t adds “Interesting and fun. Daily quiz helps keep you informed on national and global news and challenges you to match your scores against others based on geographic location”.

Designed for the latest devices, including the Google Pixel 2, iPhone X and iPad Pro, users are encouraged to engage in friendly competition against friends, family and peers and then check the local leaderboards to see how they measured up.

The app can be downloaded from Apple iTunes, Google Play or Facebook.