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OBAKEIDORO!, Asymmetric Multiplayer Game on Switch

FREE STYLE, Inc. announced the launch of a new Nintendo SwitchTM Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game, OBAKEIDORO! (obake=ghost and keidoro=a Japanese chasing game similar to Cops and Robbers, combined together to create an exciting, fighting action game).

Simple to Play and Easy to Understand Game for Whole Generation

OBAKEIDORO! is a game of tag that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. The game is set in a world where players can enjoy and even when they are not keen on horror settings. The overseas versions will also be launched at the same time, allowing players of all ages from around the world to enjoy chasing each other online, regardless of their nationality.

Can You Escape in 3 Minutes?

OBAKEIDORO! is an asymmetric multiplayer game that is simple to play and easy to understand, as it’s based on the playground game of tag.

Rules of the Game: First of all, players will need to choose who will play the role of the ghost (one person), and who will play the people being chased (three people).

The ghost wins if the player is able to catch all three people and put them in jail within three minutes. The people win if at least one of them is able to avoid being caught within those three minutes.