Following the successful PC release earlier this year, Frankfurt-based publisher/developer Deck13 today announced that its award-winning party racer Obliteracers will hit the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox Store for Xbox One on July 15, 2016.

Michael Davies (CEO, Varkian Empire): “We were thrilled to see how well the game was received on PC, and now we’re bringing the experience into the lounge room where it really shines. We’re looking forward to some seriously chaotic party racing nights.”

Jan Klose (CEO, Deck13): “The PC release on Steam showed us the tremendous potential in this party racer. Obliteracers has had several very successful months and we’re looking forward to seeing its performance on consoles.”

Obliteracers is an award-winning party racer in which up to 16 players have to prove their skills on one screen. The game is less about speed and more about keeping up with other players, using weapons to knock them out of the race. To destroy or to be destroyed – that’s what it’s about. Compete with friends locally or online against others, with dozens of game modifiers to keep things fresh. Gaming nights in your living room just got a bit cozier…and a whole lot louder.

“Obliteracers is one of the most fun combat racing experiences I’ve had in years. It’s hectic, fluid, a blast to play and a treat for the eyes. The fact that it can easily support unusual control inputs, as well as the online multiplayer makes it even easier to recommend.”
95% – Softpedia

“This game is more about obliterating cute aliens than it is beating them in cheerful races. As it should be.”

“There’s a lot to love about this game. The high concept, the visuals, the details of it. Mainly I’m just excited about the resurrection of a genre I once loved.”

More About Obliteracers
Award-winning same-screen party racing for up to 16 players! Race brutal-cute aliens on exotic planets, using weapon powerups and physics-based vehicles to annihilate your competition in frantic round-based combat. Connect spare gamepads, laptops and smart devices as extra controllers.

◾Addictive racing mayhem for all ages featuring brutal-cute aliens, exotic locations and absurd weapon powerups

◾Squeeze 16 local players onto the same screen using gamepads, laptops and smart devices as extra controllers

◾Battle friends and family on the couch, compete against others online, or play career mode solo against punishing bots

◾Highly customizable party game modes with dozens of gameplay modifiers and presets for endless variety

◾Simple controls for newcomers, with advanced strategies for veteran players

◾Round-based combat ensures quick respawns and allows drop-in drop-out play