Overhit, action role-playing game receives overhaul of new content

Countless unique heroes from across time and space engage in all-out galactic battle in Overhit. Mobile players worldwide can jump into the latest update for free on the App Store and Google Play.

The massive content update furthers Overhit’s strategic action adventure gameplay with a myriad of new additions, including:

  • Powerful New Heroes – Today’s update delivers three totally-new SSR+ tier heroes to an already daunting army of characters. Fire-type hero Dianne and Water-type hero Snow White grace the Supporter Class, while Wind-type Habub enlists in the Tanker Class
    • Dianne is a leader of Westfarm Camp and sheriff dedicated to protecting her people by using her personality to ease tensions between pioneers and earlier settlers of Uruk Ran. As the daughter of a priestess mother and soldier father, Diane boasts a talent for sharpshooting and magic
    • Snow White carries a mysterious past and a knack for playing harp, singing and gathering information. She works with Horizon to scout the Empire and often plays the role of inspector
    • Habub once was a violet god who terrorized Uruk Ran with fear and blood festivals. Before being set free, Habub was sealed in an urn by an unknown mystic
  • Elemental Growth System – Players can now obtain additional stats and passive skills by activating elemental levels. Materials needed to level up layer elements can be obtained through Exploration
  • Exploration Balances – All difficulty and reward levels for Exploration content have been improved, including Element Shards becoming available from Exploration
  • Fresh Arena System – The new selective matching feature allows players to select opponents based upon ranking information before participating in arena battle
  • Special Arena Update – Beginning today, players can earn medals by reaching a certain rank in the Wind-type exclusive Arena
  • Hero Event Dungeon – Players can test their skills at three different difficulties in the new Yggdrasil Hero Event Dungeon to earn rewards. The dungeon also offers all-new Yggdrasil cut scene
  • Special Events – Today’s update delivers several festive events including the Seven Day Attendance Event, Bingo Mission Event, Rock-Paper-Scissors Event and more.

Overhit invites players to command the Black Wings resistance army packed with characters from across time and space. A cast of more than 120 unforgettable heroes voiced by world-renowned anime voice actors such as Ishikawa Kaito, Uchida Aya and Morikawa Toiyuki take charge in a gorgeous world with console-inspired 3D backgrounds.