Pixel Puzzles Junior, Digital jigsaw games for kids aged 2 to 5 (Video)

Bringing kids jigsaw puzzles to the digital age

In a gaming world dominated by ‘M’ rated shooters, Pixel Puzzles Junior is the perfect puzzle game for kids aged 2 – 5.

With 50 bright and colourful puzzles included, Pixel Puzzles Junior lets kids choose the puzzle size that’s best for them, with puzzle sizes ranging between 9 and 56 pieces.

Let the kids play their puzzles digitally and avoid the mess and missing pieces of a traditional jigsaw puzzle.

Key game features:

•Puzzle sizes ranging from 9 to 56 pieces.
•Perfect for children aged 2 – 5.
•Bright cartoon puzzle images.
•Colourful puzzling atmosphere.
•Auto Saving – never lose progress.
•Traditional puzzle gameplay.
•Interactive play environment.