‘Puzzles Under The Hill’ Offers Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles On STEAM (Video)

Indie game developer EnsenaSoft is proud to announce that Puzzles Under The Hill is now available on STEAM™, courtesy of a partnership with leading games publisher, UIG Entertainment. Puzzles Under The Hill originally released in 2014, is the latest title from the EnsenaSoft catalogue of games to enter the STEAM™ ecosystem to the joy of jigsaw puzzle fans across the world.

Puzzles Under The Hill features Pamela Possum taking a stroll to visit her best friend Sammy Squirrel. Along the way, Pamela collects shiny jewels unveiling wonderful jigsaw challenges, featuring beautiful imagery from the National Gallery of Art. Your task is to join the adventure through the forest, passing sweet little cottages, putting together increasingly complex jigsaw puzzles. To complete the quest, each puzzle must be completed, and only by reaching the end will the two friends come together.

ü Solve jigsaw puzzles of varying complexity
ü 40 images from the National Gallery of Art
ü Cute, cheery, and beautiful 3D graphics
ü Fun, casual gameplay for everyone!

Puzzles Under The Hill on STEAM