Who says platformer times had passed? STANDBY release trailer and date (Video)

STANDBY is an intensely action-packed neon lit platformer coming to Steam (Windows/Mac)

Release date: Oct. 14, 2016 12:00 PDT

Demo playable on Steam right now – Inspired by neo-noir style of Blade Runner and lightninglike speeds of Lupin The Third anime, STANDBY tells the story of a small-time hustler who dives into a whole life challenge inviting to break through the world gone corrupted.

Slide your way through the spacetime with teleports, use the entourage to outsmart the broken security mechanisms, blast the obstacles away with a gun and remember that it’s all about an escape from the decadent, cruel but visually stunning darkish neon lit world!

·         More than 50 levels – that’ll take you from here to eternity
·         Welcome to the world of uber-fast speeds, where every move counts
·         Challenge yourself with a break-neck SpeedRun Mode
·         Fight for your right to be on the top of the Global Leaderboard
·         Enjoy glitchy beats of the finest electronic music
·         Collectibles. Push yourself beyond the limits to get ‘em all!