Poker Puzzle Panic, poker themed puzzle game for mobile

Finjitzu Software has launched Poker Puzzle Panic for mobile devices, a round-based, simon-says, poker themed puzzle game that requires strategy and quick thinking.

Traditional playing cards are dealt on a 5×5 grid waiting to be connected, swapped, shuffled and exploded to make poker hands. Each round has a random challenge to fulfill in a random amount of time or turns. The early rounds are fairly relaxing, but as more rounds get completed it gets more challenging, all the way to round 100.

But don’t panic! There are four powers ups to maximize your score and complete each round with time to spare! Try to find all 41 hidden hands inspired by poker lingo and poker movies to get extra points. All the while earning the 30 achievements and competing in the global leaderboards.

Poker Puzzle Panic is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.