PAKO 2 is released on Android


Tree Men Games is a independent game company from Helsinki, Finland. The company is mostly known for our mobile hit game PAKO – Car Chase Simulator, which has now 10 Million downloads combined on different mobile platforms.

PAKO 2 is a sequel for PAKO – Car Chase Simulator and was released earlier on Steam (PC/MAC) and iOS. The game is now available for Android devices.


PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you explore vast cities as a getaway driver, perform robberies with your crew and shoot  while escaping the law.

Successful getaways reward you money which can be used to buy upgrades, guns, items, new rides and locations. You can also buy these as in app purchases.


– Single player drive-by shooting action

– Pick up crew members and transport them into destinations

– 5 Handcrafted levels full of detail (more already under work and coming as updates)

– 24 vehicles with different handling, speed and armor. Available with IAP or in game money purchases (more already under work and coming as updates)

– Various guns and special perk items

– Bonus tasks to achieve

– Pumping soundtrack by DKSTR

– Leaderboards to compete

– Achievements