Puzzle Pelago, Lots of new content and an Android version

The city-building-puzzle game Puzzle Pelago from developer Christopher Mielack of Hallgrim Games is getting its first major content update on iOS and is simultaneously celebrating its debut on both Android phones and tablets.
According to the developer, the game has been thoroughly reworked and extended from its initial release of version 0.9.4 in April 2019. Among the most notable additions, the game has received more than 40 new levels (now 101 puzzles in total), the first set of levels has been streamlined to make the game more accessible to newcomers, along with numerous ui optimizations.
“The game should be much more accessible to new players now” says developer Christopher Mielack. Although the game was positively received by both reviewers and players, one of the main criticisms of the game by players has been that the core mechanics were confusing to some, mainly because it subverts expectations from other games in the genres Puzzle Pelago borrows from, namely city builders and economy simulation games. The new UI and introductory chapter should both make for a smooth introduction into the game. Likewise, advanced players should enjoy many of the new puzzles added to the game as well.