Restore Famous Paintings & Capture a Skilled Art Vandal in The Hunt For Red Panda (Video)

A villain known as “Red Panda” is vandalizing famous paintings – and only you can stop him! Restore world-famous art while working to capture a disgruntled artist bent on revenge in The Hunt for Red Panda – launching on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices.

Players take on the role of an art detective who must restore real-life paintings that have been defaced by the mischievous Red Panda. Riddled with anachronisms and other bizarre additions, the paintings require a complete overhaul: Players begin the restoration process by applying a reagent (a chemical that prepares the imperfection for removal) – and then use a broad range of tools (including a knife, sewing needle, paintbrush, and eraser) to correct every kind of blemish imaginable. If too much time is spent restoring each work of art, the elusive Red Panda might slip away!

To catch Red Panda, players investigate clues, visit museums throughout the world, and even indulge in fun minigames:

· Stop falling paint drops from hitting the floor.
· Assemble jigsaw puzzles of restored paintings.
· Mix different tones to make brand new colors.
· Combine elements to pick the lock.

“The Hunt For Red Panda goes well beyond your typical hidden object game,” says Aleksey Mikhasyuk, CEO of Zagrava Games. “We want to instill in players the idea that paintings need to be appreciated and preserved for future generations – and to teach them (in a fun way) the basics of restoring important masterpieces.”

Key Features
· Restore artistic masterpieces using 5 clever tools
· Visit 7 world-famous museums
· Find unusual hidden objects
· Relax with fun minigames
· Learn about the world’s most famous works of art
· Enjoy more than 8 hours of gameplay

Pricing & Availability
The Hunt For Red Panda is now available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices. The game retails for $2.99.