Restore famous paintings and capture a skilled art vandal in THE HUNT FOR RED PANDA (Video)

A villain known as “Red Panda” is vandalizing famous paintings with well-placed anachronisms … and you’re the only art investigator capable of stopping him 🙂

In THE HUNT FOR RED PANDA, you get to restore world-famous art and work alongside authorities to uncover the identity behind the mischievous Red Panda.

The game features real-life paintings that have been defaced with anachronistic items and other bizarre additions — thanks to Red Panda’s antics. Begin the restoration process with a reagent (a chemical that prepares the imperfection for removal). Then choose from a broad range of tools — including a knife, sewing needle, paintbrush, and eraser — to correct every kind of blemish imaginable. But don’t spend too long restoring each work of art, or Red Panda will slip away …

To catch Red Panda, be ready to investigate clues, visit museums all over the world, and even indulge in fun minigames — such as catching falling paint drops in a bucket, color matching, and more. If you haven’t been thrilled with hidden object games in the past, The Hunt For Red Panda will make you a believer!

* Restore artistic masterpieces using 5 clever tools
* Visit 7 world-famous museums
* Find unusual hidden objects
* Relax with fun minigames
* Learn about the world’s most famous works of art
* Enjoy more than 8 hours of gameplay

The Hunt For Red Panda will launch Monday, July 25th for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices. The game will retail for $2.99.