“Retro Winter Sports 1986”, for iOS and Android (Video)

“Retro Winter Sports 1986” is bringing the charm of 80s home computers to mobile soon

Headup Games today announced the upcoming release of their new game “Retro Winter Sports 1986”, for iOS and Android.
Many of us still fondly remember the good old 80’s, when we were sitting together with our friends in front of a Home Computer, having lemonade and cheese puffs, and pushing joystick controllers to their limits (and beyond), in fierce winter sports battles. Well, that feeling is coming back in this new game!
Set for release in early December, Retro Winter Sports 1986 will let players enjoy the retro charm from way back when on their mobile devices, of course with retro-awesome graphics and a seasonable 4:3 ratio!
Six different disciplines await digital athletics for competition against the computer or against their friends in a hot seat mode for up to eight players.

Retro Winter Sports 1986 was developed by the retro experts of The Bitfather, who also made the screamingly funny retro RPG “Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic”.

About Retro Winter Sports 1986

Do you remember the good old home computer sports games? Relive your youth in this beautiful pixelated remake of those fantastic evergreens!
Participate in the 1986 winter sports tournament and compete against other world-class athletes for international recognition. Six different, action-packed disciplines await you in a beautiful retro-style winter setting. Choose the country you want to represent from 12 different nations.
Practice to master your skills in training mode and demonstrate your abilities against the computer in the tournament mode or compete against your friends in hot seat mode for up to eight players. Will you be the one who takes the gold in the end?
Let’s compete like it’s 1980-something!
Six winter sport events: Ski Jump, Biathlon, Bobsled, Speed Skating, Curling, Slalom
Compete against friends (up to 8 players in hot seat mode) or the computer
Unique controls perfectly fitted to mobile devices
Choose between 12 different nations
Leaderboards and achievements
Handcrafted code by The Bitfather, the retro minds behind Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic!