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RetroStar, ​​an arcade space combat simulator, on Android

In 1901 (Earth-time) alien Selenites hives were discovered infesting Federation star systems. Fortunately, the Selenites were almost wiped out within the year by the common cold virus.

For centuries they have been intent on revenge for what they claim was a biological attack. They have now launched a full invasion. Your mission is to destroy as many Selenite fighters as you can.

Selenites destroy our starbases by first surrounding them on four sides. At that point the starbase is doomed, unless you get there first…

RetroStar is a 3D arcade videogame from SinisterSoft. The game was created by Anthony Ball, although Anthony has been making games since the late 80s this is his first 3D game.

The game took only six weeks to code, but originated as a demo to check the speed of the Gideros mobile development system about four years ago. “I recently showed one of my other games at an event and a couple of people were interested in how I programmed it, I showed them Gideros and the RetroStar demo – it grew a bigger crowd than the game I was showing so I decided to make it into a full game!” says Anthony.

“I wanted to create something that is a blend of old style low-poly 3D, a traditional 2D arcade shoot-‘em-up pace and 1970s cinematic space sci-fi explosions. An odd mix, but I think I succeeded!”

The game is available now on the Play and Amazon stores.