Rocket Scientist Releases Tricky Mobile Puzzler Free the Blobs (Video)

Free the Blobs, the wickedly challenging mobile puzzle game from Wookanana is now available to buy on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Free the Blobs tasks the player with controlling ‘the blobs’, a new life form created within the evil lair of the robot overlords. They must help the blobs escape by guiding them to the exit of each level.

Simple enough? Not when the game is developed by former rocket scientist Dr Stephen Wokes, who is blessed with a cunning mind and fondness for taxing gamers.

The core mechanic is the synchronised movement of the blobs; they move in tandem. This apparently simple concept throws up some devilishly tricky problems for the player. Throw in a range of tile types, hazardous puzzles and robotic entities intent on your destruction and you have the ingredients for a challenging and novel puzzle game.

“Between sending satellites into orbit I loved whiling away my time playing challenging puzzle and strategy games on PC and mobile”, said Dr Stephen Wokes, Director of Wookanana and sole developer of Free the Blobs. “Whether playing at home or on the bus, Free the Blobs will throw up some testing hurdles. My young son Sam – who created 11 of the game’s 80 levels using the supplied editor – and I are throwing down the gauntlet: can you complete the game and Free the Blobs?”

Free the Blobs Game Info:

● 80 levels of mind-challenging fun
● Control an increasing number of blobs as the game progresses
● 8 different tiles types such as ice and mud, each with unique game features
● 3 different types of robotic AI to fight against
● Hint provided for each level
● A skip feature which allows up to two levels to be skipped
● 32 medals awarded for achieving different milestones within the game
● No in app purchases or adverts
● Editor – create and share your own levels
● English, French and Spanish language options

Free the Blobs is now available to purchase ($1.99 / €1.99 / £1.49) and download for iOS and Android