Sky: Children of the Light, new “seasonal adventure” and updates

thatgamecompany announced that the kingdom of Sky will be refreshed with a brand new seasonal adventure and some new feature updates.
Following the success of the “Season of Gratitude” during Sky’s launch, a new seasonal adventure beckons with new stories, new characters and new collectibles over the next seven weeks. Team up with other players and travel through Sky’s six realms to discover and help the plight of these new ancestor spirits.
  • Explore and help redeem the spirits of the six ancestor Lightseekers across the six realms, who have traveled and are lost in the Sky kingdom.
  • Learn six expressions from the Lightseekers, including Carry, Double High-Five,  Lazy Cool Stance, Triple Axel, Crab Call and Quiet.
  • Uncover their backstory and build friendships with them to unlock exotic new items to collect such as: two luminescent new capes, two flute instruments, three hairstyles, and two hats.
  • Protect yourself and your friend by earning the new Umbrella prop item, which will shield you from the harsh rain within the Hidden Forest in Sky. Two umbrella items are available.
  • Try the new ‘Lightseeker Quests’ where players can catch flying light through the kingdom.
Sky continues to evolve its features to make the experience more accessible and fun!
  • Sky is now MFi controller compatible. If a gamepad is connected, it will be used by default.
  • Top Friends can now enhance their exchange by sharing two expressions: Carry (pick up your friend for a piggyback ride) and Double-Five (two handed high-five).
  • Accessing your account, game progress and recovery will be easier to manage thanks to the new account panel.
  • Players will have a smoother experience maintaining their top friends, as well as blocking other players.
  • Additional Updates: Friend Connectivity update, Light Gifting in friendship constellation menu replaced by Partial Heart Gift, Performance Optimization, and much more… including something secret for the fans.
Sky is free-to-start and currently available on the App Store, as well as on global pre-registration for Google Play.
All features of ‘Season of Lightseekers’ can be activated for purchase and for gifting with the two-pack bundle within the Sky app.