The Tomorrow Children The App!

In The Tomorrow Children, cooperation is the key as players inhabit, expand, and protect towns that litter a bleak, harsh landscape known as the Void, struggling to restore civilization after the effects of an experiment gone wrong have nearly wiped out humanity. One of the cornerstones of being a good citizen is building the many items needed to sustain towns and assist your comrades, and this app aims to help you become a model citizen in this post-apocalyptic, retro-future society!

There are two modes to choose from for those who want to become productive citizens. In Craft Puzzle mode, you can choose from any of the available puzzles and try to solve them with no time limit, good for conquering the puzzle that’s been giving you trouble! In Time Attack mode, use what you’ve learned to race the clock and break your own records, helping you spend more time helping your comrades in other ways!

The Tomorrow Children The App is available at both Google Play and the Apple Store, so be sure to download it and help pave the way for the glory of all!