Still Time, A puzzler game about time travel, available August 29 2017

Still Time is a puzzle game about time travel and temporal physics, set in a unique environment which blends pixel art with 3D graphics. Playing as the main character, you will have full control over the flow of time. This power allows you to rewind time, interacting with the younger selves from previous timelines. With this unique ability, you can solve puzzles and overcome obstacles that would otherwise be impossible. Still Time is a single player game in which you play with (and against) yourself.

The story of how Still Time came to life starts in 2012, with a short prototype I made in Flash. Not long after that, I was visiting SIEE’s headquarters in London, where I had the chance to pitch my idea for a much bigger game. Still Time now features more than 40 levels, each one challenging your understanding of time and space in a different way. The story itself spawns over different timelines, making the entire game the ultimate level that you will have to solve

The game is planned for release on 29th August 2017. Cross Buy is included: players will receive copies for both PS4 and PS Vita.

Game Overview. Still Time is a 2D puzzle platformer about time travel and temporal physics.

As the protagonist discovers their powers, you will learn how to control the flow of time. This unique ability will allow you to solve puzzles and to overcome obstacles that would otherwise be impossible for a single player. Platforms, boxes, sensors, lasers… all the puzzle games you are familiar with will suddenly feel new and challenging when coupled with time travel.

Who can you trust, when you can’t even trust Time itself?

This Cross-Buy product entitles you to download both PS4™ and PS Vita versions.

★ Over 40 levels to challenge your understanding of time
★ A novel game mechanic that allows you to bend the rules of physics
★ A unique aesthetics that beautifully blends pixel arts with 3D elements
★ A mind bending story that spawns over time and space