Super Crush KO, arcade brawler on Switch & Windows

Vertex Pop, the team behind the acclaimed shoot ‘em up, Graceful Explosion Machine, announced that their fast-paced stylish brawler, Super Crush KO, is out on the eShop for Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows PC. Featuring beautiful 2D visuals, Super Crush KO is an adventure that combines classic run ‘n’ gun gameplay with combo building combat mechanics.

In Super Crush KO, players take control of Karen, a tough and fashionable brawler who lives in a colorful world overrun by frantic robot enemies. Karen must wipe them out using punches, kicks and long-range combat in fluid combos on the way to save her beloved cat Chubbz, and while she’s at it, humanity. Featuring delightful hand-drawn graphics, a pastel color palette and a catchy soundtrack, this is a feel-good action game complemented with bright and stylish aesthetics. With incredible combo opportunities and high-scores to chase, Super Crush KO will keep players replaying levels again and again with its addictive arcade gameplay, as they push to hit those elusive S-ranks!