Super Rocket Shootout, A Frantic 2D Pixelart Brawler, coming July 2017!

Mixing platformer and fighting mechanics, Super Rocket Shootout includes charming characters, destructible environments, cool weapons and an awesome jetpack, making this a blast to play alone, or with up-to 4 friends.

Selected by Microsoft Studios as Best Indie Game at Madrid Games Week, Super Rocket Shootout has plenty of content and a combat system that is both accessible and deep, with super agile jetpack-induced movements, combos, super attacks, counters, extra weapons and more!

Inspired by the 1994 arcade classic The Outfoxies, Super Rocket Shootout was developed by Oddly Shaped Pixels, a one-man studio in Lyon France. Greenlight in 2015, yet hotter than a fresh baguette!

Key Features Include:

  • Jetpack, Guns and Explosions
    • Master your jetpack and slip right behind your enemies.
    • Use your shotgun from a distance or at melee range.
    • Throw homing missiles, boomerangs, teleport-bombs and many more crazy weapons.
  •  Deep fighting system
    • Use your shield wisely, throw perfect blocks.
    • Build combos and fill up your Super meter.
    • Throw devastating Super Moves, Super Attacks and Counters.
  • Lots of content
    • Engaging story mode, local multi player mode, team play.
    • 8 playable characters with each its own abilities and Super Attack.
    • 8 interactive and destructible stages.
    • Tons of achievements and un-lockable extra weapons.

The game will be available on Steam with an SRP of $9.99 and support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.