SuperLuminauts on Steam September 1, 2017

SuperLuminauts is a local-multiplayer space dog-fighter with tight controls of a new mechanic: every projectile leaves a trail in space-time.

To start playing, all you need to know is how to move, shoot, and dodge, but from that stems a deep well of strategy and skill. At its simplest, SuperLuminauts is chaotic fun as trails ricochet and break and fly around you in vibrant chain reaction. But it takes more than that to land a perfect bank shot that triggers a trail you fired 10 seconds ago to come crashing into your opponent. It takes the skills, the brains, and the guts of a SuperLuminaut.


A Space-Time Breaking Core Mechanic
Easy to pick up, with tight and simple controls, the time-trail mechanic offers a new dimension of play that will require new strategies, or a hell of a lot of luck. It offers both a new well of possibility for advanced players, and a vibrant chaotic spectacle for casual players.

A Sci-Fi Rainbow of Ships
SuperLuminauts has a fleet of twelve ships fitted with the same stats that each have full hue customization

3 New Game Modes
To match this new mechanic are 3 new game modes that aren’t your boilerplate deathmatch.
Dive Your trails make the map. After each round, your trails expand and spin and become the walls of the next map as you dive deeper into space. Maps generated by play here can also be saved and replayed in Galactic Tour
Chaotic Anomaly A series of rapid-fire rounds where trails kill instantly and accelerate after each bounce. You’ll need quick wits or fistfulls of luck.
Galactic Tour Build a playlist from 25 hand-made maps, whether it be a short and simple 3-round grudge match, or a tour across the galaxy and back.

Full Controller & Full Keyboard Support
SuperLuminauts is best enjoyed with 4 players using 4 controllers, but in a pinch can also be played with 2 people using a keyboard and mouse.