Tau Ceti, the future now on the App Store!

AMA and Mando Productions put you into orbit with Tau Ceti, the new tower defense game mixing strategy and card games, taking place in a distant galaxy ravaged by war! No need to teleport, the game is available for free on iOS!

In a galaxy far, far away … a relentless war rages on!

Countless armadas fight for the resources of a world still untouched by war: the Tau Ceti system.

Your orbital station is attacked by endless waves of enemies! Join your battle station and fight back countless alien ships!

In this tower defense game, you will have to repel ever more powerful enemies using your anti-gravity, corrosive weapons and technology combat cards.

Take advantage of asteroid fields and other space landscapes to defend your orbital station and annihilate the threat from outer space.

Collect bonuses on the ground and even cards to strengthen your arsenal and have the edge over the attackers. Share your score to discover who will be the true master of the Tau Ceti resources!

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