“The Arcslinger” Available Now Exclusively on Daydream (Video)

Big Red Button Entertainment, Inc. releases one of the first apps for Daydream, Google’s mobile VR platform.

fornia) – Big Red Button Entertainment, Inc. is thrilled to announce “The Arcslinger” now available exclusively on Google Play for $7.99.

Enter the virtual reality world of The Arcslinger, a cyber western where you play as the unlikely hero to this original story. Shoot your way through the game’s 15 rogue-like levels, collecting Arcs to power up your wise-cracking gun, Angelheart. Become a master gunslinger and unleash powerful abilities to take down Gold Smoke and his gang before he can take the power of the Arc for himself. The game features the voice talents of Nolan North, Jessica DiCicco, Roger Craig Smith, and Jason Spisak.