The Mind’s Eclipse is on Steam

Donald Campbell announced that his debut narrative adventure, The Mind’s Eclipse, is available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Praised for its distinctive art style and exploration of nanopunk themes, The Mind’s Eclipse follows your emotional journey in a fallen utopia, as you search for your loved ones – with the help of L, a mysterious companion. Uncover the mystery of the Eclipse and its side-narratives by exploring, investigating logs and journals, and piecing together what happened to the CORE and his family as you follow his journey.

“Through its combination of hand-drawn scenes and atmospheric music, The Mind’s Eclipse manages to not only be intriguing, but sometimes also rather haunting.” – GameSpew


  • Every environment is interactive. Comb through a sci-fi world worth exploring
  • Piece together what led to the CORE’s fall from journals and chat logs
  • Befriend a mysterious companion as she helps you search for your loved ones
  • Explore a fallen utopia and uncover the mystery of the Eclipse
  • Beware COSy