The Untold History of Japanese game Developers: Volume 3

The third and final volume of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers is complete! It’s 423 pages and features over 35 interviewees.

The book is cover to cover interviews, meaning it’s 100% pure revelations from the mouths of those who made the games.

Highlights include:

    • Michael Jackson sang “a capella” for Sonic 3’s music
    • Falcom RPGs in-depth, including Legacy of the Wizard on NES
    • Evolution of Dragon Quest
    • Microsoft Japan secrets
    • Yu Suzuki wants to direct Swan Lake to heavy metal
    • Hironobu Sakaguchi spent $10’000 on parties
    • The Final Fantasy team adapted the Aliens film into a computer game
    • Konami secrets and the origin of Parodius
    • PC Engine versus Famicom coder face-off (Turbo Grafx16 v NES)
    • Some companies tried to sabotage others
    • Unreleased games – too many to count!
    • Capcom secrets with exclusive photos
    • Design documents of games; archive photos and maps
    • For a video with Sonic creator Naoto Ohshima, where he reveals that Michael Jackson sent a demo tape to Sega in order to make music for Sonic 3, check out YouTube. Ohshima even does a Jackson “a cappella” impression, sounding like a human beat box!

Volume 3 is available exclusively through Amazon