Tracks – The Train Set Game in Steam Early Access

The delightfully nostalgic toy train builder, Tracks – The Train Set Game, launched in Steam Early Access.

Choosing from various tracks pieces, buildings and decorations, players will use the intuitive track builder and create elaborate train sets in free play mode. While in passenger mode, players will be under more pressure, tasked with organizing and maintaining a commuters’ system. Transporting certain passengers to certain stations within the time limit becomes quite the task.

Tracks – The Train Set Game will be updated regularly, with new features, cosmetic items, game modes and much more.

About Tracks – The Train Set Game

Jump aboard the nostalgia-train! Tracks is the ultimate wooden train game. Construct train sets without rules, deliver cargo (coming soon), and transport commuting passengers. Build the ultimate railway system and then ride it in first person, from the train cab.

Players can create their own elaborate sets in free-play mode, or they can take on objectives, such as creating and running a commuters’ system.